Teachers deserve to be celebrated — Samira Bawumia

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On the occasion of its centennial anniversary, the OLA College of Education in Cape Coast called for the celebration and recognition of the teaching profession for its crucial role in shaping the human resources of the nation. Notable alumni from the OLA College of Education include Dr. Joyce Aryee, a prominent Ghanaian businesswoman and former CEO of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, and Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, the first female Vice-Chancellor of a public university in Ghana and the former Minister of Education. Educators such as these have made significant contributions to their fields and serve as inspirations to others.

The wife of the Vice President, Samira Bawumia, said in her address at the durbar to mark the celebration that teachers remained critical to the development of human resources, on which the development of the country was anchored.

Mrs. Bawumia said it was, therefore, necessary that the nation ensured that teachers' rewards were not only in heaven but here on earth. The celebration was on the theme "100 years of teacher training, retrospection, and prospects."

The durbar attracted several dignitaries, including academia, leaders of the Catholic Church, and past students of OLA. In order to improve the rewards and recognition for teachers, the government should consider implementing initiatives such as increasing salaries and benefits, providing professional development opportunities, and creating platforms for teachers to share their expertise and innovative teaching practices. Additionally, establishing a national teacher appreciation day and recognizing outstanding teachers through awards and honors would also go a long way in acknowledging their invaluable contributions to society.

Mrs. Bawumia said the government's recognition of the critical role of teachers informed the reintroduction of the teacher trainee allowance. Acknowledging teachers' contributions through awards and honors is crucial, as it not only recognizes their hard work and dedication but also inspires other educators to strive for excellence. Awards and honors create a culture of appreciation within the teaching profession and motivate teachers to continue making a positive impact on the lives of their students and the development of the nation. She emphasised that teacher education was the cornerstone of any quality educational system, adding that it shaped the future of society by nurturing the minds of tomorrow's leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

She further observed that calls for a more holistic education were crucial, as it went beyond imparting knowledge to fostering critical thinking, creativity, and resilience in students. The wife of the Vice President described OLA's years as a legacy of excellence, dedication, and service, shaping minds, nurturing hearts, and empowering generations.

She acknowledged the role of the Catholic Church in education and all those who had worked to make the college one of the most prestigious female colleges of education in the country, and she urged the college to keep up the effort.

The former Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Dora Edu-Buandoh, who was the guest speaker, called for collaboration with local and international development partners to exchange knowledge and expertise for best practices towards excellence.

She said while it was important for regulators to review the teacher education curriculum to ensure it was relevant, comprehensive, and aligned with current educational trends, the shift is now towards collaborative learning.

Also, she called for colleges of education to have the flexibility to develop courses that will help them prepare to become university colleges by acquiring knowledge and skills.

Prof. Edu-Buandoh said while there remained challenges, teacher education in Ghana held great prospects for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of teacher education in the country. Some specific courses that colleges of education could develop to prepare for university status include advanced pedagogy, educational leadership and management, research methods in education, curriculum development, and assessment and evaluation. These courses would equip future educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their teaching careers and contribute to the enhanced quality and effectiveness of teacher education in Ghana.

She said through curriculum reforms, professional and infrastructure development, partnerships, and effective policy and governance structures, the teacher education system could be improved to ensure teachers were equipped to contribute to the development of a vibrant and inclusive educational system.

Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson, the Archbishop of Cape Coast, the Most Rev. Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, and Archbishop Emeritus Mathias Kobina Nketsiah all acknowledged the role of the Catholic Church in the provision of quality education across the country, saying the church would continue to collaborate to develop the hearts and minds of Ghanaians through quality education.

The Deputy Minister of Education, John Ntim Fordjour, said the excellence chalked up by the college was a testament to effective collaboration between the government and faith-based organisations and urged the college to pursue excellence to enhance the quality of teachers and education in general.

The Board Chairman of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, Prof. Kwame Boafo-Arthur, congratulated the college on its unwavering commitment to excellence in teacher education.

The principal of the college, Dr. Regina Okyere-Dankwa, said the college was committed to its mission of nurturing and empowering female student teachers, equipping them with the requisite professional and academic proficiencies for effective teaching across pre-tertiary and non-formal education settings.

She called for solar energy infrastructure and improvements to the road network at the college.

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  • Teachers deserve to be celebrated — Samira Bawumia

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