Best Method On How To Create A Verified Paypal Account In Ghana For Free in 2024

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How to create paypal account

PayPal is one of the most popular, faster, safer ways to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account in the world.

 PayPal is a platform which most Ghanaians love to use and indeed it’s usage in Ghana has been on the rise as the love for online activities and eCommerce continues to rise.

Since PayPal is used by a lot of online merchants offer PayPal as a means of payment, most people who transact online want to register PayPal as well to get more options when making payment.

 Even if you do not need it now, you or someone you know might need it one day to make a faster business transaction hence the need to know how it operates. 

 The Purpose of this article is to guide you on how to Create A Verified Paypal Account In Ghana For Free in 2023.

 It should be well noted that PayPal is currently not available in Ghana and some other African Countries due to restrictions but yet, it’s active so you can create a legitimate PayPal Account in Ghana and use.

 What you need to create a verified PayPal Account in Ghana 2023
Below are the things you need to get yourself a verified PayPal Account in Ghana;

 An active email address (one which has not been used to register PayPal before. 

 An active phone number
Your Legal name (name that appears on your ID card)
With the above mentioned available, you can now create a verified PayPal account on your PC or mobile. 

 To use a mobile phone for the registration, it is recommended that you you use a chrome browser and set it to “desktop mode”.

 How to create paypal account in Ghana
Kimdly follow the steps

 few steps below to get yourself a verified PayPal account for free; 
 Visit the PayPal website here or

Choose to sign up for free
In signing up,
 select a PayPal business account
Enter your valid Ghanaian details (Personal and business details)
Confirm your PayPal account through the email you used to sign up

 Sign in to your newly created PayPal account
Confirm your additional details and start using your PayPal account
Add Your Bank or Card Details to PayPal

Creating a PayPal Account in Ghana for Free
 1. Visit the PayPal Lesotho website
Visit the PayPal Lesotho website via

 You should visit the PayPal Lesotho Website because PayPal is Blacklisted in Ghana so you need to use a country which is not on PayPal’s Blacklist.

 2. Choose to sign up for free
Click on “Get Started” at the middle or “Sign Up” at the top right corner to be taken to the signup screenshot


3. Select PayPal Business Account
When the “Sign Up” screen opens, select “Business Account”. 

The business account gives you more access and freedom in sending and receiving funds.

 4. Enter your valid Ghanaian Details
Enter your valid email address and password you would like to use. 

Then proceed to fill in all your valid details. Kindly note of the following:

Your Name: Use the valid name on your Government Approved ID Card.
Business Name: 

If you have a valid business, you can use that. Otherwise, create a new business name out of your name and use it.

 Phone Number: Click on to select Ghana to enter your valid Ghana phone number. It is very important to have full access to the account.
Postcode: Enter 00233
Business Address: 

Enter your business address or Enter your residential address instead (if you have no business address)

You are free to choose any currency you want. It is recommended you select the currency you will use to make most transactions.

 Click on submit when done.

After here, wait for an email from PayPal to confirm. 

 5. Confirm your PayPal account from your email
PayPal will send you an email upon registration or signing up. Once you receive this email, all you have to do is to confirm the email and the details. This also means the steps above have been successful.

 6. Sign in to your new PayPal account
You can now login to your newly created PayPal account and complete all the necessary steps on the PayPal dashboard. 

This is is where you give additional information about your business to make it more secure and authentic. 

 7. Confirm your details and start using your PayPal account

You can now crosscheck to confirm all your required information and then start using your PayPal. 

 After here, you should now have a verified and fully functioning PayPal account in Ghana.

You can now receive money in your account and use those funds to make payments. 

8.Add Your Bank or Card Details to PayPal
In order to successfully transact with PayPal (especially with sending funds), you need to add your bank details to your new PayPal Account. 

 To know more about the banks that accept PayPal in Ghana and how to link your card to PayPal, Click Here.

With the above given tutorial, 

I believe you now have information on how a Verified PayPal account can be created in Ghana for free in 2023.

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