5 benefits Afua Asantewaa will enjoy if she breaks the Guinness World Record

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5 benefits Afua Asantewaa will enjoy if she breaks the Guinness World Record,Afua Asantewaa,Guinness Book of record benefits

The Guinness World Record is known not to directly give out cash prizes to record breakers just as the Grammy Award but having your name in the records book can be helpful in many ways and it last forever or until your record is broken.

Let’s take a look at 5 of them and number 3 will blow your mind.

What are the benefits of breaking a Guinness World Record?

Personal Achievement:

For an individual, breaking a world record is a major personal achievement as it required your strength and confidence and boost your morale that anything can be done.

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Breaking an old record is a great source of personal pride and happiness, not only for yourself, but your entire generations.

Achieving one’s goals is a great way to boost one’s self-esteem since it shows that one can do everything they set their minds to.

Global Recognition:

Having your name in the Guinness book of records and receiving a Guinness World Record certificate makes you a respected individual across the world.

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Breaking a record is a certain way to become a household name as we saw in the likes of Hilda Baci and Afua Asantewaa.

You can use this publicity for a lot of things, including getting forward in your job, making connections, and building your brand.

Sponsorships and Endorsements:

The prestige and free publicity that comes with being included on Guinness World Records may pitch your brand to top organisations looking to link their names with remarkable people.

There has been talk of endorsement deals, sponsorships, and brand promotions involving record holders.

Opportunities for long-term cooperation and the acquisition of profitable contracts are two ways in which such relationships might be financially beneficial.

Autograph and Merchandising:

There are several lucrative business opportunities based on the fascinating narrative of a record-breaking effort.

If record holders can entice publishers who are interested in publishing a biography of them, they may be able to negotiate a book agreement and get royalties.

Extra income may be generated via the sale of branded items or memorabilia that are associated with the record attempt.

Public Speaking and Appearances:

The services of record holders are in great demand for conferences, television appearances, and public speaking engagements.

Their exceptional knowledge and remarkable accomplishments make them very engaging lecturers and panellists, enabling them to impart their wisdom and knowledge to a broader audience.

Payouts from these appearances might boost the record holder’s fame even more.

These and several others are the advantages one is set to enjoy in setting a world record besides monetary gain.


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  • 5 benefits Afua Asantewaa will enjoy if she breaks the Guinness World Record

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